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Yarmouth Frame and Gallery llc

Art Preservation, Art Restoration, Gallery/Art Venue

Contact: Elizabeth Newman

Phone: 207-846-7777

Mailing and studio address:
720 US Route 1 #12
Yarmouth, ME 04096

Email: beth@yarmouthframeandgallery.com

Web site: http://www.yarmouthframeandgallery.com/

Beautify with ease. Picture framing and fine art gallery. We offer professional framing services in a gallery setting filled with creative work by established artists. With preservation in mind, we offer conservation custom framing as well as any restoration TLC for works of art on paper and canvas. We also offer in-home or place of business consultation for your art needs and installation once we've helped you find the perfect piece of art. Artists receive a 15% overall discount or a tailored discount with volume orders of 6 or more pieces. Visit our page for professionals on our website for more detail.

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